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Tailored to You

Ensure your chair, sofa, or sectional is comfortable

Let's Fit Some Furniture to You

Just like a perfect fitting shirt, hand-to-home means your furniture will be the comfort you're looking for. Yes, even without sitting in beforehand. Over a decade of studying customers' preferences has led us to a surprisingly simple approach. Here's how it works.

All you need are two simple measurements from an existing comfortable piece of furniture you have at home. This 5 minute step will allow you to feel confident your new Stem furniture will be comfortable.

Seat Depth

Around 20"-22" is typical and allows most people to lean against the back with support. More than 22" is typically considered a more loungy model. When shopping Stem, you can identify the seat depth for each model, and even adjust it using the Optional Modifications step.

Seat Height

Around 15"-17" is typically most comfortable. Less will give you a low, casual sit. Higher will give you an upright posture, but if you're on the shorter side you don't want to go to high. Check each product details page on our site to see the model's seat height. You can adjust this by selecting taller or shorter legs.


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