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The loveseat is the piece of furniture with the most adorable name. No contest. But even with that title, you still need to make sure and give it the love it deserves. Our

modern loveseat

collection gives you great options if you need a piece that is slightly smaller to cozy up in. Peruse and select the options that suit your needs.
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Zavis Loveseat

The Zavis Loveseat has mid-century lines with modern proportions and lines. This modern loveseat is a relaxing place to sit with your significant other or cuddle with a child. Give your loveseat an extra flair by adding wooden legs at an angle. For a tailored look, add piping along the seams of the entire piece. This sophisticated loveseat is an attractive addition to any family or living room. Stem offers multiple options in filling, fabric, legs, and additional modifications to the size.

Rio Loveseat

The Rio Loveseat is a contemporary twist to a classic design. This modern loveseat is a sophisticated sofa with a deep and comfortable frame. You can relax in the loveseat while visiting with family and friends, or while reading a book. This modern loveseat is sophisticated and attractive. Match it with other pieces from the Rio line, or keep it as a center of attention in a bedroom or personal home office. Stem offers multiple options in filling, fabric and legs.

Mota Loveseat

The Mota Loveseat has casual sophistication, with a deep, low frame and the loveseat is a comfortable lounge style design. The high arms, flow into the back, with an attractive smooth look in the thin arms. The modern loveseat is a delightful addition to any family or living room with its slender proportions. This piece is a beautiful addition to the home. Stem offers multiple options for the back pillow filling, fabric, legs, bottom cushion filling, and the type of foam used.

Ason Loveseat

The Ason Loveseat is an attractive piece to add to your office sitting area with its inset metal legs. The buttons give a sharp tailored look. Each modern loveseat is customizable so it can bring a special personality to your sitting area. Stem does not make any piece before it is ordered, so the customization you seek in a modern loveseat is precisely what you are looking for. Come into Stem today and pick the customized loveseat that fits your personality.

Pel Loveseat

The Pel Loveseat has a retro design that will appeal to everyone with a love for classic style. This modern loveseat has a thick cushion on the bottom seat and padded arms that give additional comfort. The wide, padded arms allow you to rest a bowl of popcorn on it while watching a movie, or gives an extra seat that is still comfortable for large groups. Top the attractive look with the low to ground legs that make it look like the loveseat is floating.

Brenem Loveseat

With a modern, yet simple design, the Brenem Love seat is an elegant addition to any home. This loveseat has a solid cushion for the back, making it more comfortable without fear of movement or bunching. This modern loveseat fits well with the other pieces of this line, making it a great combination for an attractive set in your home. Stem offers various options for fabric, legs, and filling, and each piece is made to order in their Los Angeles factory.

Meera Loveseat

The Meera Loveseat has a well-balanced, well-proportioned look, with sleek arms and a classic, vintage style. The buttons in the seat add a tailored appearance to the thin cushion that has a built-in spring system. You will enjoy spending time with your friends and family, either entertaining or relaxing after a long day at work, in this comfortable chair. Stem offers your choice of multiple materials, as well as the type of legs for each handmade piece of furniture to customize it to your home.

Rondi Loveseat

The Rondi Loveseat has a dramatic look in the curved back and legs. This modern loveseat was created with a distinctive look by Stem for the modern family to complement their living room with a sophisticated piece. The back and seat are tightly built together for a dramatic and elegant appearance. Stem makes each loveseat to order in their Los Angeles factory, with your choice in fabric and legs, so that your piece fits your home in a complementary fashion.

Blumen Loveseat

Spend some lovely quality time together by sitting on the Blumen Loveseat that will make you fall in love all over again. This elegant and stylish loveseat is made from high-quality wood and the filling can be customized as per your preference. You can choose between poly foam, natural latex, down & feathers, poly fiber, and domestic eco-wool. Durable and easy to maintain, this loveseat gives you enough surface area to relax while the plush cushions provide support and comfort to the back.

Dekayess Loveseat

A cozy space to sit on, the Dekayess Loveseat is a compact and comfortable piece of furniture to place in your living room. Stylish in looks, this loveseat stands strong on a durable frame, which makes it last for a long time. Its low profile design offers you the comfort you have been looking for. You can complete it with the cushions and enjoy a lovely evening together or a lazy Sunday afternoon by simply relaxing on it. The rounded armrest ensure that you do not face any discomfort while resting your arms on it.

Metz Loveseat

The Metz Loveseat is a classic styled sofa with a modern twist. The thin arms allows for more sitting space, to accommodate more friends and family. The built-in cushion is less likely to move, no matter how many people use it. This sophisticated sofa is not likely to go out of style any time soon, so enjoy adding it to your living or family room and decorate with confidence around it. Stem offers you multiple options to customize this modern sofa so that it fits exclusively in your home.

Miku Loveseat

The Miku Loveseat is an attractive, balanced piece that will fit beautifully into any living room or family room. The sleek design is even more perfectly designed for a waiting room. Though it may look oversized, it truly isn’t and doesn’t feel overly loungy. The seam design is sleek, and gives it a professional look. The thin metal legs give it a float look and the thinner seat helps to promote that feeling. Check out the options available on this beautiful modern loveseat.

Strata Loveseat

The Strata Loveseat has a wide base and back for a comfortable place to sit. The wide arms can be hollowed out for storage or left solid for use as a small table. This modern loveseat will fit beautifully into your living or family room. This loveseat can even be made with hidden legs for a floating look. Stem offers multiple options in filling, fabric, legs, and arm storage. Each piece is made to order in their Los Angeles factory.

Rondi Armless Loveseat

The Rondi Armless Chair has a dramatic appearance with curved back and legs. This modern armless loveseat has a distinct look that has been designed to appeal to families with a sophisticated taste. A tight, elegant look has been created by building the back and seat together. Stem makes each loveseat to order, in their Los Angeles factory with multiple options in fabric and legs. Choose the options that will complement your home with this attractive piece.

Jeeni Loveseat

At just the right size for two people, the Jeeni Loveseat is a great option if you like this design but don’t have a lot of space. The arms and pillows make for a unique angular design, and leg options work to complete the look.
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15 Item(s)

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