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modern dining tables

don't just look good. They are all made from solid wood and protected with a durable finish. And if you're going to go to all the trouble to have a nice dinner, or a good bottle of wine, why not ensure your table matches the level of quality and appeal. We doubt a Yelp user has given a one star review because they didn't like the dining table. But at home, your lighting is probably a lot brighter. It's worth it.
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Plyned Dining Table

The Plyned Dining Table has a multi-layered look that is created from solid bamboo layered together. This modern table has a functional space that can be used for flowers, candles, or anything else you want to use as a centerpiece, all contained in the plus shaped trough. Choose from four different colors for the bamboo, to either match your décor or make it pop! Stem gives you the option of whether or not to include the trough, as well as giving you multiple options in the color of bamboo.

Danu Dining Table

The Danu Dining Table is an attractive addition to your dining area, whether at work or home. The hand crafted elegance of this table will be a pleasure to have at the center of any entertaining you do in your home. The flare of the legs in this modern table comes from a Danish design. This modern table is hand crafted in Stem’s factory in Los Angeles when it is ordered. No piece is made before it is ordered so that every piece is customized to your preference.

Stu Dining Table

The Stu Dining Table is grace and minimalism in a sophisticated table, with a smooth beveled edge. The sleek angles and lines bring everything together into a modern dining table that will fit beautifully in your dining area. This designer table can be made to fit either six or ten people and will be a convenient way to entertain your friends or family. Stem hand makes each piece on a made to order basis in their Los Angeles factory.

Palder Extendable Dining Table

The Palder Extendable Dining Table is a wonderful way to entertain your friends and family. The leaves are stored inside the table, making it space efficient and allows you to accommodate two to eight people. You will never want for space with this intelligently designed table. The solid wood of this modern extendable dining table, make it a sturdy place to hold many dishes while you enjoy your time with friends and family. Stem offers three different stains for this made to order table.

Voya Dining Table

The Voya Dining Table is inspired by sidewalk curbs and intersections, described by the thin to thick transition. This transition gives the modern dining table a unique look and a profile that is thinner like the curbs. The hand carved legs tilt in at an angle, so this modern table has a traditional design. Stem offers three different woods to make each piece a unique addition to your dining room. Choose the wood and color that will complement your home.

Jenger Extendable Dining Table

The Jenger Extendable Dining Table is a modern design on a classic look. With the convenience of having the extendable leaf stored within the table, this modern dining table makes it easy for you to entertain guests for dinner, or just enjoy a quiet meal with your family. This modern table by Stem is made by hand in their Los Angeles factory, using quality extension mechanisms. The attractive legs complete this light and balanced look, giving an overall appearance of class and style.

Sadie Dining Table

The Sadie Dining Table is made from solid, compressed bamboo, which creates layers you can see in the edges. The offset legs makes it comfortable for more people to sit at the table. This modern table is stylish enough to use in a restaurant or office, and yet still sophisticated to be an attractive addition to your home dining area. Stem offers three different stains so the piece will complement your home beautifully and each piece is made in their Los Angeles office.

Plyned Square Dining Table

The Plyned Square Dining Table is made from sustainable bamboo that is layered to give a unique look. Bamboo has a one-of-a-kind look when the grain is stained and used to make furniture and you will be pleased to add this piece to your dining room. Choose to have the trough in the middle for candles, dining accompaniments, or small plants. You can also choose from two different stains, making this modern table the perfect addition to any dining room.

Danu Square Dining Table

The Danu Square Dining Table is hand crafted for an elegant touch to your dining area in your home. This modern square dining table can quickly become the center of attention during any entertaining. A Danish design adds to the flare of the legs in this modern table. Customize your table with a choice of stains so that it fits your home perfectly. Stem hand crafts each table in their factory in Los Angeles after it has been ordered, so your customization is exactly what you requested.
Stu Dining Table (Clearance) Stu Dining Table (Clearance)

Stu Dining Table (Clearance)

Made from solid wood in Maple it's brand new and never used. It was made at 70" x 38".

Regular Price: $1,999.00

Special Price $1,199.00

Sadie Round Dining Table

The Sadie Round Dining Table is a solid modern table made from compressed, solid bamboo, for a unique grain design not usually found in wood. The round table creates a more personal and intimate setting and the edges show the layering of the bamboo used to create a solid surface for you to use. Choose from two different stains and Stem will make your table to order only after you have ordered it. They make each table by hand in their Los Angeles factory.

Plyned Round Dining Table

The Plyned Round Dining Table is an attractive table made from solid bamboo layered together for that multi-layer look. The plus shaped trough in this modern table gives you a functional space that can be used for candles, flowers, or whatever else you can imagine. The modern table can be made from four different colors in bamboo, adding an elegant touch to any dining area. Stem offers multiple options in the color of bamboo, as well as whether or not to include the trough.
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12 Item(s)

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