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Do people actually use these for coffee?

Coffee Tables

We don't want to sell them short, these tables can be used for so many things beyond coffee. Thankfully, we've put together a great collection of

modern coffee tables

that provide a surface or storage for all kinds of beverages or other things non-beverage related. And if you don't need that surface or storage and just want something that looks great? We have you covered for that as well.
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Ablo Round Coffee Table

The Ablo Round Coffee Table by Stem will beautifully complement your living room with a blooming flower appearance created by the four prong, all natural, solid wood base. This modern round coffee table is a unique piece to add to any living space or office. This modern coffee table will make you proud to show it as a center piece in your living space and it will quickly become the focus of conversation, no matter what you choose to place on top.

Ablo Oval Coffee Table

The Ablo Oval Coffee Table by Stem is an attractive addition to any modern office or living room. The smooth finished glass top allows you to see the solid wood grain of the base. The prong design of the base gives the impression of a blooming flower, and will bring a bit of sunshine into your living space. This modern coffee table is made by hand in the Stem’s Los Angeles factory with all natural wood, durable natural oil and wax.

Voya Coffee Table

The Voya Coffee Table is a traditional, yet modern, table, inspired by the sidewalk curbs at the intersections. The table transitions from thin to thick smoothly, just like the curbs. Each leg is hand carved and are at an angle that will remind you of the traditional design. Stem offers this modern coffee table in three woods that make each one a unique piece for your living room. The color of your table is dependent upon the wood you choose.

Sino Coffee Table

The Sino Coffee Table has a cantilever in stone, creating an overhang over the open shelf. This modern coffee table has a space for storage in the design of the shelf under the stone top. With the timeless beauty of marble, the top of this rectangular coffee table is a sophisticated and classic design. Add this piece to any area of your for an attractive boost. Stem offers multiple options in size, the marble of the top, wood, legs, and drawer.

Buden Coffee Table

Enjoy a cup of coffee on the Buden Coffee Table, which is sturdy in construction and stylish in looks. Elegant and sleek in design, this coffee table features a concealed storage underneath on one side to store magazines, newspapers etc. Its sharp, neat edges lend it a smart look. Made from solid bamboo, this durable coffee table has been made by the expert craftsmen in Los Angeles. Place it in your living room and enjoy the change that it brings along with its presence.

Buden Square Coffee Table

Place the Buden Square Coffee Table in your living area and observe the transformation it brings along with its presence. This low in height table has a large surface area and can be used to serve coffee, snacks to your guests, place magazines, showpiece etc. on top. The drawer at the bottom offers convenient storage space to keep your small items handy. It has been designed by the expert craftsmen in Los Angeles and is made using solid bamboo wood that exhibits sheer durability.

Buden Planter Coffee Table

Uniquely designed, the Buden Planter Coffee Table will woo all its onlookers with its stylish design. The open cutout on one side at the top of this planter coffee table is ideal for placing a small planted that will enhance the look of your home interiors. You can place small little plants or a single plant to make it look attractive. Designed from solid bamboo wood, this stylish coffee table is made by the expert craftsmen in Los Angeles and it features a storage space right beneath the top. Use it to place magazines, remotes etc.
Sino Coffee Table 30" x 24" - Walnut (Clearance)

Sino Coffee Table 30" x 24" - Walnut (Clearance)

We have x2 of these tables, but are selling the one at a time. They are brand new and never used. This Sino is 30" x 24", with White Carrera Marble top and a drawer at the end.

Regular Price: $1,949.00

Special Price $1,195.00

Bamboo Float Coffee Table

The Bamboo Float Coffee Table is made of layers of bamboo compressed together, giving it a unique design in the grain of the wood. This modern coffee table is a delightful addition to any of the bamboo float products Stem offers. Choose from three different stains to make this coffee table fit in any living space you want. Stem makes all of its products to order, in their Los Angeles factory, and each item is made by hand for a special touch.
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9 Item(s)

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