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You spend a third of your life sleeping. Unless you don't sleep that long, in which case you probably drink a lot of coffee. Either way, the point is that if you're spending a good chunk of time on your bed, you should make sure it's worthy. Our collection of

modern beds

includes platform beds that all provide a sleek and quality way to get a good night's sleep. That way, even if you don't wake up looking your best, at least your bed will.
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Palder Bed

The Palder Bed has a reclining headboard supported by an all-wood frame. Your bedroom will be enhanced with modern frame and a base that appears to float off the floor. The open spacing of the headboard gives the overall appearance one of being light and open. The modern bed has a lightweight frame that gives it a unique, timeless look, and the sleek design will give you a satisfying night’s sleep. Stem offers multiple options size, wood and stain, and fabric.

Nein Bed

The Nein Bed has a sleek, clean look with the pinched seams and single layer slipcover. No bulky slipcovers with this modern bed! The padded headboard is comfortable to lean against while reading or talking with your spouse before bed. The modern bed is designed with a classic look that is an attractive addition to any bedroom, whether for your master bedroom or for a guest room. Stem offers multiple options in size, filling, fabric, and the legs.

Nini Bed

The Nini Bed is set low to the ground with a soft frame that won’t hurt you or little ones who might bump into it. Modern one of a kind headboard storage allows for quick access to books or a box of tissue. This bed has a frame that keeps the mattress enclosed for a tighter fit of your sheets. Stem offers multiple options with size of bed, filling of the padded bed frame, whether or not to have storage space, fabric, and legs.

Buden Bed

The Buden Bed is made from natural, beautifully stained bamboo. This modern bed offers built-in nightstands, as well as storage at the foot of the bed. The built-in headboard make it comfortable to sleep on while it holds your mattress in place, and is a great place for your alarm clock or to hold a book. This modern bed is a space saver so you can easily store your possessions in a secure location. The bamboo can be stained four colors and is made when ordered.

Stem Latex Mattress

Once you've experienced sleeping on natural latex, there's no going back. It instantly responds to every curve of your body for pressure-free support and unparalleled comfort. It also doesn't get as hot in the summer or cold in the winter as synthetic mattresses, and has much less movement response as you shift during sleep. Like our sofas, latex is naturally mold resistant and antimicrobial. Stem's natural mattress features 100% natural latex rubber, natural wool fiber, and certified organic cotton ticking for the ultimate sleeping experience. No polyurethane foams, toxic fire retardants, formaldehyde, or any synthetic materials. It's all natural form the inside out and because two different firmnesses are used on each side this one mattress offers two firmness options. Just flip using convenient handles, and find what works best for you!

Bramo Bed

The Bramo Bed by Stem is a modern bed with mid-century style that will stylishly maximize the bedroom space. Maximize even the smallest room with the base practically embracing the mattress, making it possible for you to have a very comfortable sleep. The tall headboard adds a stylish flare to this modern bed, making it an impressive impact in design. Choose between a flat headboard to a tufted headboard with attractive buttons tailored throughout. This modern bed will become the centerpiece of any bedroom.

Strata Bed

The Strata Bed combines convenience with functionality. The modern bed offers you a place to sit comfortably in the form of a bench at the foot of the bed. You can use this bench to get ready for the day, or to relax for a few minutes when you get home. The bench allows you to store shoes, extra blankets, books, extra pillows, or anything else you need in your bedroom. Complement your entire bed with the padded headboard.

Scoshi Bed

With a grand platform, the Scoshi Bed is graced with end tables within easy reach. This modern bed is an all-in-one made from domestic solid bamboo wood. The headboard and bed are made with enough storage for anyone. Place special knick-knacks in the low, deep headboard. The mattress is completely surrounded by the frame, giving an attractive look that cannot be denied. Stem offers multiple options in size, as well as color of the bamboo, and each one is made to order.

Ekay Bed

The Ekay Bed is a minimalist’s dream in modern bed furniture. The design is well balanced and made by hand for consistent quality. The solid wood frame will give you a sense of security in how it holds your mattress and thus you in comfort. Each bed is made by hand in Stem’s Los Angeles factory, and only when it has been ordered. Choose from multiple fabrics and sizes to make this a unique modern bed in your modern bedroom.

Buden Bed Base

The Buden Bed Base is made from beautifully natural bamboo. This modern bed base offers storage area while supporting your mattress. Place this bed base against a wall for an attractive addition to your bedroom. The bamboo can be stained in four different colors, making it a great piece to add personality to your bedroom. You will be pleased with this piece, especially when you consider the craftsmanship each piece was made with in Stem’s Los Angeles factory.

Bamboo Headboard

The Bamboo Headboard is a perfect solution if you already have a bed base, and just need the headboard element. Bamboo offers a beautiful material for a smooth and clean looking piece, with a unique grain. We can make it with a mounting plate if needed, and can make it whatever size you need to the inch.

Upholstered Headboard

The upholstered headboard is a perfect solution if you already have the bed base. We can make it to the inch whatever size you need, and with a huge variety of fabric options. We can even make it with a mounting plate if needed.
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12 Item(s)

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