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Accent Chairs

With our designs influenced by styles from all over the world, our modern accent chairs take that title in a different direction altogether. The

modern chairs

we offer are a rare combination of fun and sophistication. Blending timeless looks with contemporary flare they offer a comfortable and high quality solution for any room they reside in. And all the while, they promise as much comfort as you can ask for from such an item.
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Ason Chair

The Ason Chair is a sophisticated addition to any office or formal sitting area. The tailored button design of this modern chair gives it a unique personality, which will complement your chosen area. With a short depth, this compact chair is comfortable to sit in while you visit with friends in an informal setting, or formal sitting area. Only manufactured when it is ordered, the customizable features offered by Stem make this piece a one-of-a-kind addition that will be the envy of all who see it.

Burr Accent Chair

Gentle curves and sloped arms lend an elegant shape to the Burr Accent Chair. Details like the chamfer on certain edges add character, while the clean lines of the upholstery balance out the piece. It's a solid chair with an airy look. The geometry has been designed for a surprisingly comfortable sit given the tight seat and back, with a seat height for easy in and out. Upholsters beautifully in fabric or leather.

Mota Chair

The Mota Chair will fit into any office or living room with its fully customizable appearance. This modern chair has a casual sophistication with a low, inviting deep frame. The perfection of this chair will make you want to sit for hours while relaxing. The proportions are slender, so it will fit perfectly with multiple other pieces in this line. Stem offers multiple options for the back pillow filling, bottom cushion filling, type of foam used, legs, and fabric.

Rio Chair

The Rio Chair has a classic style with a modern twist on the design. This modern chair has a level of comfort that you would not expect, created by the padded arms and thick cushions. Add this sophisticated and attractive chair to your living or family room, for a comfortable place to relax, while not being overly loungy. Modify the chair to fit into any area you need, with Stem’s offer and ability to make this chair to the exact size you need in your home.

Zavis Chair

The Zavis Chair has proportions and lines that call to a mid-century design. Piping finishes each seam, creating a tailored look. This modern chair has a little flair with the legs inset. This chair is a great way to spend time with friends and family and is a comfortable addition to any living room. Add this to an office to a relaxing meeting area or a stress free waiting room. Stem offers multiple options in filling, fabric, and legs, and options in additional modifications.

Pel Chair

The Pel Chair is a modern take on a retro design. This attractive chair has padded arms and a thick bottom seat for extra comfort. The wide arms make it more comfortable for resting your arms while reading or for sharing a bowl of popcorn with the kids. The low legs give the custom chair a closer to the ground look. Each chair is made to order in the Los Angeles factory. Stem offers multiple options in fabric, bottom cushion filling, back pillow filling, legs, and foam used.

Brenem Chair

With a simplistic sophistication, the Brenem Chair is designed for ultimate comfort. This modern chair has an elegance that will fit into any living or family area with a touch of elegance. You will enjoy spending time reading a book or watching a movie in this deep seat with lots of comfortable cushion. Stem customize this modern chair with various options in fabric, filling, color or wood for the legs. Each piece is made to order in their Los Angeles factory.

Meera Chair

The Meera Chair is a beautiful addition to the sectional with matching vintage look and a classic design to the arms. With a well-balanced look, the thin cushion is complemented by a built-in spring system, which makes this a very comfortable modern chair to sit in. The buttons in the seat add a tailored appearance to the chair. This modern chair is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Choose the fabric and legs that fit your home décor for a classic style.

Metz Chair

The Metz Chair is a well-tailored modern chair with a built-in seat that creates a false separation between the seat and back. This stylish modern chair will be an attractive addition to any office with its stylish appeal. With the thinner arms, this modern chair makes it comfortable with a slightly more spacious seating area. The combined seat and back prevent the cushions from moving, for added comfort. Stem makes each piece when it is ordered in their Los Angeles factory.

Dekayess Chair

The Dekayess Chair is a comfortable way to spend your evening, relaxing after a stressful day at work. The wide arms and wider seating area make it an attractive addition to your living or family room. The legs give it a floating look, which helps with the placement in your living or family room. This modern chair will look great against the wall or floating freely in your home. Stem offers you the choice of fabric, filling, leg style, and depth, so you can customize this chair to fit your home.

Miku Chair

The Miku Chair has a balanced look which will quickly make it the center of attention in your home. Whether you place it in a living room or a family room, you will be pleased with the contemporary style of this modern chair. The fabric hugs the frame, adding to the balanced proportions. The cushion of the seat and the back have an added spring, making this a comfortable chair to sit in while entertaining guests, visiting with family or relaxing after work.

Rio Lounge Chair

The Rio Lounge Chair is a classic design with a modern twist. This modern lounge chair has a lounge similar to a chaise but in a classic chair design. Don’t worry about sinking into the chair. Though the frame is deep, it is extremely comfortable and hold you in its grasp. This lounge chair is sophisticated and attractive, making it a beautiful addition to any living room. Each piece is made to order in the Los Angeles factory. Stem offers multiple options in filling, fabric, and legs.

Strata Chair

The Strata Chair has classic lines integrated into a modern chair design. Aesthetically modern, a deep frame makes this chair extremely comfortable. Choose to hollow out the wide arms for storage space, or leave them whole for a complete look. This chair will be a comfortable and delightful addition to any family or living room. This chair can be paired with a Strata sofa to complete the overall look for your décor. Stem offers multiple options in storage in the arms, fabric, filling for the entire frame, and optional modifications.

Mota Lounge Chair

The Mota Lounge chair has a deep frame and is a comfortable way to relax, while enjoying the low frame. This modern lounge is a great way for an overnight guest to be comfortable for the night, or as a place to relax with family and friends. The slender proportions of this lounge are attractive, and make it easier to fit into smaller areas if necessary, while still being a comfortable place to sit. Stem offers multiple options in legs, type of foam used, bottom cushion filling, back pillow filling, and fabric.

Ason Armless Chair

The Ason Armless Chair by Stem is a beautiful, tailored chair that will complement any modern office space. This modern chair has a delightful button design that adds a unique personality to your office or living space. This is a compact chair with a short depth, but it will comfortably hold you while you relax in a formal sitting area or an informal setting while visiting with friends. This modern chair is made only after it has been ordered and is fully customizable.
Strata Chair in Calvin Saffron (Clearance) Strata Chair in Calvin Saffron (Clearance)

Strata Chair in Calvin Saffron (Clearance)

This Strata Chair is covered in Calvin Saffron with inset legs, and regular foam filling for the cushion and frame. It's in great condition and ready to ship.

Regular Price: $1,365.00

Special Price $675.00

Jeeni Chair

The Jeeni chair has a uniquely sloped arm design and smaller back pillows. This design creates a nice contract of timeless appeal with a more modern twist. It’s comfortable as a chair, just big enough to relax but not oversized.

Bamboo Float Armchair

The Bamboo Float Armchair has a base of compressed bamboo, which gives it an interesting grain design only available when this technique is used. The cushions are clean and sharp, with a minimalist design. The modern armchair has hidden platform feet to give the impression of floating, which makes the time you spend with your friends and family more enjoyable. Stem handcrafts each when it is ordered, allowing you to customize the piece to fit into your living area perfectly.

Bamboo Float Chair

A unique combination of your choice in fabric, as well as bamboo stained in your choice of color, the Bamboo Float Chair is a modern Asian Zen addition to any living room. With multiple options for color and fabric, Stem gives you the power to make this piece exactly what you want it to be. This custom chair will make you feel like you’re floating with its stilted base. For full relaxation, an upholstered cushion, made with all natural latex, and a matching back will make the journey comfortable.

Bamboo Float Chair w/ End Table

The Bamboo Float Chair w/ End Table has an interesting design with the compressed bamboo grain. The hidden feet give the impression of floating, with the inset placement. Sitting on this modern chair w/ end table will be comfortable with the sharp and cleanly designed cushion. Having the end table makes it convenient to place a book or glass close by while you are reading or watching television. Stem makes each piece when it is ordered in their Los Angeles factory.

Bamboo Float Onearm Chair w/ End Table

The Bamboo Float Onearm Chair w/ End Table is a modern chair with an attached end table to make it easier to keep a drink, book or television remote close to you. The attached end table is opposite of the arm, so you can sit comfortably while reading or watching television. This modern chair with end table has a unique design because of the compressed bamboo, giving it a special grain design. Stem makes each piece to order in their Los Angeles factory.
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21 Item(s)

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