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Shipping & Delivery

Some details worth noting.

The shipping and delivery part of furniture shopping can sometimes be the worst part of the whole experience. To make sure you have a positive outcome in this aspect, we work hard to form partnerships with the right teams. We also want to give you flexibility. At the time of order, you can choose the shipping option that best suits your needs, in terms of speed and service.

Level of Service

Inside Delivery means the products will be brought into the first threshold and left inside the packaging. White Glove Delivery means two people place the products in any room, unpack them, and remove packaging.


If there is any assembly required for our pieces, it will be very minimal but not included in the delivery. If you have questions on what is needed please feel free to inquire at any time.


The speeds mentioned in the cart refers to the days it takes after the order leaves our warehouse, not from the day of the order itself. It only applies to how fast it gets delivered after being shipped, and doesn’t affect production timing.


In the unfortunate event of a damaged order, please always check for any visible damage at the time of delivery. You can send the details to


Since we use specialized freight carriers, you will always be called ahead of time to schedule the day and time of delivery. Unlike a FedEx delivery that might arrive when you're not home, you'll always be contacted by the local warehouse prior to delivery to schedule a time that works best for you.


If you’re not satisfied with your Stem purchase, please let us know at within 15 days after the delivery date. We can try to fix any issue you have towards satisfaction, but if you prefer you can return for a free return and full refund. If after 100 days you aren't satisfied, you pay for the shipping back and can return for a full refund


Items That Don't Fit

Please take the time to measure and make sure the item ordered will fit into your space. It can be a little tricky with large pieces and awkward or small spaces, but if an item doesn’t fit into your space we aren’t able to take a return on it and aren't responsible for any extra costs that may be associated.