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Warranty & Product Care

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On all of our furniture, we have a lifetime warranty on the frames. For upholstered goods, this means the internal wood frame. For case goods, that means the structural integrity of the piece (not the surface). And in all cases, this assumes normal wear and tear and the original owner.

We sell very high quality pieces, meant to last as long as you want them to. To help out, here are some tips to help with care of your goods.

Fabric Care

After identifying the code for your fabric (W, S, or WS) make sure to use the corresponding type of upholstery cleaning product. We have more details below on this page. Avoid direct sunlight as it can discolor fabrics. If you have a fabric with a "loop weave", be cautious of snags from sharp objects. Stain repellants are not needed but can be applied after your purchase at your discretion. If your fabric is pilling you can use a fabric shaver/ sweater defuzzer.

Leather Care

For spills and occasional cleaning, make sure to use a cleaning product specifically designed for leather. Condition 3-6 times a year to keep your leather hydrated and looking great. Avoid direct sunlight and high heat helps prevent discoloration and drying out.

Wood Care

Our natural solid wood is meant to last. To dust, simply use a damp rag with water. To help prevent future stains and keep your wood furniture looking great, apply wood oil as needed but test first on a non-visible piece of furniture. Clean up spills and water rings as soon as possible to avoid leaving marks.

Foam & Feathers Care

Our HD foam and natural latex exceed industry standards and should hold their shape for years. To maintain seam alignment and to maximize your cushions resilience, simply flip, and if possible rotate to a different position on the piece. For down cushions and back pillows, a quick fluff rejuvenates them to their desired shape.

Metal Care

Clean as needed with an appropriate metal cleaner. For dust, a damp rag will do the trick.

Detailed Breakdown of Fabric Cleaning Codes

"W" If you find a "W" on your furniture you are in luck, as it means your piece can be cleaned with water. This would mean you will be safe if you use an upholstery/carpet cleaner (by using the attachments) on your spill or stain. This is the most durable type of fabric you can buy and is ideal for furniture that will see a high volume of use or spills ( dining room chairs, living room couches and chairs).

"S" If you find an "S" on your furniture it means that it MUST be cleaned with cleaning solvents (dry clean only) and will not react well if water is applied to it. Spot cleaning is only advised if the product is meant for home dry cleaning use. Most employee owned grocery stores will typically carry one product of this nature as your local carpet cleaner often sells their product to them. (Make sure that after using a product of this nature to use a blow dryer to dry the spot so it doesn't leave a ring!) Do not allow your piece to become outlandishly dirty if you plan on being happy with the professional cleaning results you will get. Stains, spills or dirt in general should be cleaned as soon as possible to retain the longevity of the colors and the fabric.

"W/S" This code means you can use either dry cleaning solvents or water with mild hand soap for cleaning. Clean spots ASAP before they have a chance to set in.